Got Passion?

Does your day fly by, or does it drag on and on?

More often than not, do you look up and it is already time to go home? Did you lose yourself in your work and lose track of time? This is a good sign that you are passionate about your work. However, there are other factors to consider as well. Do you like what you do? Are you good at what you do?

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If you are not passionate about what you are doing every day, you emotionally can begin to resent what you are doing. You will not put forth your best effort which can affect your future with a company or within your career.

When you focus on a career that combines all three of these concepts, you increase the chances that you will be happier and more successful. It also makes it easier to let little things go about your job that are less favorable… that coworker you can’t stand, the traffic you sit in to get to work, the minor mundane tasks you don’t like, but need to do. You will create an environment where you can thrive and grow!

Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Do you like it?

This is probably the easiest place to start your self-evaluation. When you like what you do, it is much easier to get up to go to work each day and give 100% of yourself to what needs to be done. You will be more willing to go the extra mile when asked to do something extra because you are not emotionally drained because you hate what you are doing.

Are you good at it?

Just because you like what you do, does not necessarily mean that you are good at it! For example, I likes to sing, but…. I’m not so good at it. Keep in mind, that the reverse is true as well. Just because you are good at something, does not mean that you like it. I am very good at data entry, but don’t really like doing it.

So, it is important to make sure that both of these are true – that you like it and you are good at it. But these two are only part of the formula, and may not lead you to long-term satisfaction in your professional life.

Do you lose track of time while doing it?

This one is much harder to describe and to do the self-examination. Once you have identified some work that you enjoy and that you are good at doing, it’s time to examine whether or not the work is intrinsically satisfying. To get started on the inner reflection, some questions to ask yourself is, did you lose track of time while you are working? At the end of the day, were you exhausted, but you had a smile on your face and you felt very accomplished? If so, that is a good indication that the work is very satisfying to you, and that you will be able to sustain long-term passion in your career.

On the contrary, if you lost track of time, but you were simply exhausted at the end of the day and were not too excited about coming back the next day, you might just be earning a paycheck doing something that you are good at and somewhat enjoy. However, you will likely get “burned out” pretty quickly and wonder why you ever started that job in the first place.

When you find you no longer have positive answers to these questions, it’s best to begin evaluating your passion. Do you no longer have a passion for the job or career you are in, or is it just time for a change of environment to be able to continue your passion?

Tell us if these three components are present in your current professional role. If not, how can you begin to move toward creating a life that includes all three?