Got Pets?

Got Pets?

Why I love my dog more than I love people!

Who doesn’t love to come home and receive the sloppy puppy kisses? Seriously, though, don’t dogs just accept us, and love us, just for being in their lives? And don’t we just long for that kind of acceptance from the people in our lives? So for all of our family, friends, coworkers out there, if you could try doing some of these things, life for the entire planet could be improved!  Not saying you need to chase your tail, but it wouldn’t hurt.

Here’s why:

Because… a dog (or any pet) gives you unconditional love, cuddles, and kisses!

Because… a dog will always vacuum the floor after you eat and especially after the kids eat!

Because… a dog is always happy when you come in the door at the end of the day – regardless of whether you are smiling or not!

Because… a dog will always consider you a priority (after their tail of course!)

Because… a dog will show gratitude just for a pat on the head, or rub of the ear (or maybe a little bite of what’s for dinner).

Because… a dog will stand beside you patiently while chat for 15 minutes as you say goodbye to someone.

Because… your dog thinks you are an awesome cook. Let’s face it, anything you cook will be better than dry dog food.

Because… a dog will keep your spot on the couch warm when you take a restroom break during a commercial.

Because… a dog will never tell a soul your deep down secrets.

Because… you always know what your dog is thinking. No drama ever!

Because… well, look at that face!

Share with us your lovable and huggable pets and why you love them more than people!