Got Clutter?

You can get rid of clutter faster than you think!

Is the desk at your office neat and orderly, but your desk at your house looks like a tornado just ripped through town? This is the current reality of my life. For the life of me, it is a mystery why I am stubborn and judicious about the items that take up space on the my desk at work, but don’t seem to give a rat’s ass about how high the piles are on my desk at home. To be honest though, I do give a rat’s ass. I know this because the idea of all that paper preys on my mind like a bad sunburn across my forehead!

This week I committed to get my home office under control. This is the most ridiculous time for me to do this, too. There are big projects at work. I have a part time teaching job. And, of course, I have to take my summer vacation. Priorities, right?

I’m here to convince you that you can get your home office (or garage, or spare room A.K.A the junk room!) under control, and there is no better time to start than right now!


Here’s why:

Because… the pile is just going to keep getting bigger.

We all know that when we procrastinate on something it only gets worse! Whether it is putting of a project or cleaning up a mess, when the time comes to do it you feel a lot more stress and a lot less motivated to complete it. By getting started now on tackling the clutter, you save yourself many more piles to clean up (and prevent stuff from falling on you!)

Because… you can do just about anything for 30 minutes a day.

Instead of dwelling on the HUGE number of piles you need to tackle, focus on one pile at a time, but focus on it for 30 minutes. By knowing that you only have to devote 30 minutes, you will be able to maintain focus and motivation because you will be less discouraged by the mess. You may be so motivated once you start going through your piles that you easily work on it for longer! If you don’t, it’s ok. Just pick up the next day where you left off. You will get more done in the 30 minutes than if you decided to tackle one pile at a time.

Because… you will instantly feel a sense of relief, as well as a sense of control.

When you walk into a room that has pile after pile of clothes, papers, boxes, books, whatever – it immediately makes you feel claustrophobic and makes you feel like you have a lot more to do! It also causes extra stress for the constant worry about where something is. By everything having a place and getting into the habit of putting everything back where it goes each night (CTC = Clear The Crap), you will spend a lot less time and worry trying to find something when you need it!

Do you have this problem at home? Post a pic and tell us how long it took you to CTC to get your home office (or any room) under control!

Got clutter? Get help…