Got Rearranging?

Rearrange the room to rearrange your mind

How long has your bed been in the same corner of your bedroom? Longer than a year? What about your living room furniture? Even longer? My dining room table has been in the same spot for three years. Last week I rotated the table 45 degrees – and I LOVE it going this direction. It is like the dining room is twice as big as before. 

This week I plan to rearrange my bedroom. I already have the new layout in my head. When I get some stronger bodies here for a visit, the shake up is on! The anticipation of getting a fresh physical perspective on life within the room where I spend so much time in self-care has already increased my energy!

In addition to a fresh perspective, rearranging a room or two in your house can also help you clear some clutter. This reason alone can provide the motivation you need. But there are plenty of positive reasons to rearrange.

Here’s why:

Because… It makes you feel refreshed.

When you rearrange a room, you suddenly feel like you have a brand new room. Think about how you feel when you put on a brand new outfit, you feel like a rockstar! When you rearrange your room, you see it for the first time and your 20 year old couch is now brand new. It makes you feel happy and free to be in there. Chances are also pretty good during the rearranging process you put everything in its place so the room is clean and organized.

Because… It prevents you from buying more stuff.

As you start moving things around and you physically touch all the stuff you have, you realize you have WAY more stuff than you thought. The refreshed feeling from rearranging can help you realize ways you can repurpose the stuff you have in other ways. When you rearrange your furniture you suddenly realize that you don’t need a bookshelf in one room and it can be used someplace else, preventing you from buying a new one. When the room feels knew it also tricks your brain into thinking you have all new stuff so you don’t need anything else!

Because… It helps you clear away some clutter.

If you move your bed, you will feel compelled to sort through the boxes underneath and throw out items that are no longer relevant in your life. If you are moving your bed from corner to another, you will certainly need to clean out the corner where the bed is going. You will throw out that stack of magazines you never read, the pile of birthday cards you received for the last two years, the old hair dryer that doesn’t work anymore, the pair of tennis shoes that you replaced four pairs ago… you know the piles, we all have them!

Tell us how often you rearrange your house and how it makes you feel.

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