Got Happy Face?

Want to turn that frown upside down?

If you are not smiling, you are probably not having fun. Sometimes we simply need to be intentional about our happiness. When I realize that I am in a funk, sometimes I just need to take a break from what I am doing, and do something different. There are some activities that, just by doing them, will trigger an inner happiness that puts a smile on my face. Smiling alone makes me feel happy, as it releases endorphins, which also reduces my stress levels and helps me be more positive and productive. Below is a list of some of the ways I’m able to intentionally put a smile on my face.

Here’s how:

By… watching super cute animal videos… especially the goats and puppies.

By… chatting with your bestest “estefriend” (two or more friends who are fans of Gloria Estefan are considered EsteFriends.)

By… listening to your favorite song (or have yourself a little jam session). EsteFriends get happy listening to “I Just Wanna Be Happy.”

By… making a list of everything you are grateful for in your life.

By… watching Big Bang Theory (or your favorite sitcom).

By… performing a random act of kindness (paying it forward).

By… cuddling with a friend’s baby.

By… stopping to smell the roses. (Just make sure there are no bees first – they don’t make me smile!)

By… going outside to play with your dog.

By… getting outside to your favorite nature spot (the mountains, the beach, a park).

Help us help others with your smiley ideas.

Got Positive Vibes?

Got Positive Vibes?

Behave as if you would like to hang out with yourself!

Have you ever caught yourself complaining about something, and all of a sudden realized that you might not be much fun to be around if all you are doing is complaining? I have! Over the years, I have learned that the energy I put out into the world will come back to me, so I’m determined to put positive energy out there for my family, friends and coworkers to absorb into their lives.

I also find that people I don’t know that I encounter in stores, at concerts, movies – if I smile at them, they smile BACK! It’s very rare to be a crab to someone and they smile at you anyway. So this is another area to focus on generating positive vibes. You never know, someone might be having a terrible day, and my smile helps them get back on track. I want to make sure that I am intentional about my interactions with others to spread as much positive energy as possible within and around my circle of influence.

Here’s why:

Because… Being positive takes a lot less energy than being a grump.

When you have a positive attitude, your whole body feels lighter and free. Physically you feel better. Mentally things are clearer. When angry (and probably bitching about something) your body tenses up and you feel heavy and weighed down.

Because… You will want to make other positive changes in your life.

When you are focusing on what is good in your life, or what is good about you, it tends to increase your positivity all around. You focus on everything being positive. There are a lot more “I can” and “I will” statements versus “I suck” or “I never will.” Focusing on the “I will” you will start to do a lot more things you have been putting off – exercising, eating healthy, cleaning out the office.

Because… Others will feed off your positive energy – you know, “What goes around comes around.”

Picture it… you are out with some friends to have a good time. Do you notice once one person starts complaining, EVERYBODY suddenly has something to complain about? This makes for a miserable night out. Flip the script and talk about something awesome during your day and suddenly everyone’s mood turns around. Its as contagious as a yawn!

Tell us about a time someone sent you some positive vibes and turned your negative day into a positive day!