About Us

Do you hate not knowing where to start with important projects?

Do you hate starting something and never finishing it?

Do you feel overwhelmed with trying to accomplish your goals?

Do you get down on yourself for the life you are living now?

Do you really, really want to clean out your closet?

Do you want to keep your desk cleaned off? (We mean, like every day?)

Do you want to stick to your to-do list and be productive?

Do you start a new business each year, but quit before making a dollar?

Do you struggle to turn off your thoughts at bedtime?

Well, if you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, then you are in the right place! We are here to help you find answers to these questions. We are here to help you have fun and start to solve some of these life questions. We are here to help you find a community full of encouragement and support on your journey. We have travelled the same road you are on, and still travel on it most days.  Our journey of growth and development surrounding these questions is the reason we started Positive Activities.

We have been friends for almost twenty years! We became friends because we both love Gloria Estefan. We are still friends because of so many other things we have in common – we love money and the idea of being financially “free” by owning our own business. About five years ago, we started talking about wanting to “create” something meaningful and helpful to others – something that would leave a legacy of fun, love and accomplishment – to live life with intentional purpose. And here we are today.

The goal of Positive Activities is to help you improve yourself and meet your life goals and develop a sense of personal accomplishment. We aim to create a community of individuals on this same journey — a community of like minded people looking for support they cannot always gain from their personal friends and family.

We have tried many, many life hacks, read lots of books, started and stopped many projects. We would get frustrated when we would take ourselves too seriously. So, we have resolved, above all else, to have fun. We both have full time jobs that we love and are fulfilling. Therefore, we have a limited number of hours to “work” on this legacy stuff we want to build. With that in mind, if we’re not having fun, we’re gonna find a different way! We will be providing tips, stories, and advice for those WTF life lessons. One life lesson is that we don’t know it all – so we expect to learn as much from you (probably more) as you learn from us.

Journey on!